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This weekend I’ll be part of a team presenting a discussion, Transmedia Play Experiments, at the NAMLE (National Association for Media Literacy Education) Conference in Torrance, California.  The co-presenters are Meryl Alper and (in absentia) Becky Herr-Stephenson.  We’ll be discussing our work on the Flotsam Transmedia Play project, which I worked on in 2012 and early 2013.   Read more

I actually wanted to type “pupdated” just to keep my alliteration going.  This is just a very quick post to note that I’ve gone in and updated my portfolio page with some past projects that had not been on there before.  I’m still digging through and digitizing some analog work, so that portion of the site is undergoing pretty constant revision.

After a successful conference showing last year at Game Show NYC (a games, education and art conference), I am thrilled to post that my game, Elephant in the Relationship, has been selected to be shown at a slightly edgier venue, Arse Elektronika 2012, running September 27 through September 30 in San Francisco.


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Although the redesign has been in the works for a bit, today I finally relaunched the Seymour Deeply website, which includes the full graphic novella/webcomic, a revised trailer,  a team page and a page that details where Seymour Deeply is being showcased around Los Angeles in the next few weeks leading up to USC’s graduation.

First Move is the interactive portion of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts’ First Look festival, a showcase of the past year’s best student work (which includes First Film, First Pitch and First Frame). Read more

For those who have been asking, “Hey, when can I see this amazing thesis project that you’ve been working on and has been sucking up all your time?” I now have more information to share.

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Not that I have been able to maintain a true and complete development blog here on this site as might have wished, but I do hope, now that I’m in my second semester of development on the project, to update the page semi-regularly with news, setback, advancements and perhaps some art and screenshots.
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Seymour Deeply is actually both a “who” and a “what.”  Seymour is the title character of my MFA thesis project of the same name.
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Just a quick post to say that I’ve made some quick updates to my past projects page.  I intend to update it even more and hopefully embed playable links right in the page as well.

I am thrilled to post that my game, Elephant in the Relationship, has been selected to be shown at Game Show NYC, a games, education and art conference.
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We received an email today from the co-chairs of Meaningful Play today that they have rejected our entry, Elephant in the Relationship,  into the games competition.  Read more

Last fall, during my first semester of grad school, one of my required classes was Tracy Fullerton’s wonderful game design class. One of our projects was to create  a serious game.  Working with the amazing team of Andy Uehara and Josuha McVeigh-Schultz, we came up with a party game called Elephant in the Relationship. Read more

This was my first E3, so I didn’t quite know what to expect.  In many ways, it was like Comic-Con with less cosplay and more suits.  I’ll post more on my impressions soon, but here’s a start (since we began at the Sony booth).

Actually played with the Sony Move.  The exhibitor had a lousy “you’re doing it all wrong!” attitude and actually snatched it out of my hand (twice) to show me how to play golf as Tiger Woods with it. Well, of course we (myself and two classmates I was with) were “doing it wrong”.  It’s a new interface and we were exploring what it could do.  If it was as truly intuitive as Sony was hoping, there wouldn’t be this sense of “right or wrong”.  There was a very bad latency issue with the Move, something I’ve never gotten with the Wii (and let’s face it, the Move looks and acts just like a Wii-mote. I’ve yet to see any reason to expect anything else from it).

Another Exhibitor showcasing a Toy Story shooting gallery game told me that there was going to be Move-specific downloadable content (in the form of little gamelets that branch from a major release), but it seems that this was not fully thought through.  There didn’t seem to a be a Move-Specific gamelet for DC Universe Online or Assassin’s Creed or even Little Big Planet 2.  All in all, it seems that the Sony Move is not a fully thought out concept on Sony’s part and just an attempt to grab at the “cool interface” mojo of games.