Jeopardy! : J!6

  • Designer
  • Producer

Amazon Alexa Echo

Q3 2019

  • Airtable
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Documents
  • Adobe Photoshop

For every televised game of Jeopardy!, there is a sixth clue that hadn’t been exposed to the public until Jeopardy! J!6 premiered on Amazon’s Alexa Echo devices. Jeopardy J!6 has been Amazon’s most popular skill on their Echo devices for years, but the backend structure had changed so much since the skill originally launched in late 2015.

My primary roles on Jeopardy! J!6 were Game Designer and Producer. I was tasked with redesigning the skill to not only allow existing players to continue getting the same core experience, but to allow new players to discover the skill and join in. To this end, the flow of the game was adjusted and a limitation in the original skill (which forced the players to respond whether or not they were ready to continue) was able to be removed, making the gameplay quicker and the overall user experience much more exciting.

Additionally, we added new benefits for subscribers, including six extra clues every day with the Double Jeopardy! round and new clues on the weekends (previously the skill only had new clues available on weekdays, but with the update, subscribers can play Teen Jeopardy! on Saturdays and Sports Jeopardy! on Sundays).

Jeopardy! is live and available on the Amazon Alexa store. Click here to enable the skill.