We’ll be showing Elephant in the Relationship at this year’s IndieCade 2018 Night Games on Friday, October 2018 from 7pm-10pm

I’ll be speaking at this year’s IndieCade 2018 with a talk entitled Keeping the Band Together about our experiences developing Elephant in the Relationship.

Photo by Joan Marcus. ©2016 Joan Marcus

For my fiance Kevin’s Birthday Weekend, we were joined by two of our favorite musical theatre friends last night and went to see the tour of Fiasco Theater’s deconstructed Into the Woods at the Ahmanson Theatre here in Los Angeles. Opinions have varied widely on the production, but opinions often vary widely. This is my blog, so here’s mine.
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45 years ago tonight, actually in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 28, 1969, drag queens, homeless kids and hustlers fought police after they raided Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn. As the night turned to morning, the fighting escalated to the point of rioting. The riots continued throughout that weekend into the early part of the following week. Though many people incorrectly think that this event was the start of the gay rights movement, it was merely the final straw after years of silent organizing against oppression, persecution, and murder. It was the moment when the LGBT community said, “No more.”

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You can’t go home again, but you can certainly take a short vacation there.

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This weekend I’ll be part of a team presenting a discussion, Transmedia Play Experiments, at the NAMLE (National Association for Media Literacy Education) Conference in Torrance, California.  The co-presenters are Meryl Alper and (in absentia) Becky Herr-Stephenson.  We’ll be discussing our work on the Flotsam Transmedia Play project, which I worked on in 2012 and early 2013.   Read more

I’ve altered the design and navigation of my Portfolio link here on my website, which will hopefully let me add more projects with ease.   Read more

A bit rushed, but I managed to throw together a holiday card for us for this year (yes, it’s a Flash animation, so sorry for those viewing this on an iOS device).

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I actually wanted to type “pupdated” just to keep my alliteration going.  This is just a very quick post to note that I’ve gone in and updated my portfolio page with some past projects that had not been on there before.  I’m still digging through and digitizing some analog work, so that portion of the site is undergoing pretty constant revision.

After a successful conference showing last year at Game Show NYC (a games, education and art conference), I am thrilled to post that my game, Elephant in the Relationship, has been selected to be shown at a slightly edgier venue, Arse Elektronika 2012, running September 27 through September 30 in San Francisco.


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So, frugal shopper that I am, I took advantage of a 50% off sale at the grocery store last week and bought six jars of pasta sauce (yes, I’m Italian and I eat a lot of pasta.  Trust me, six jars is minimal in my house.)  I will generally steer clear of the “fancier” sauces and stick with basic Tomato & Basil sauce (because [a] it’s a great base that I can “doctor” up to make any other kind of tomato sauce and [b] it’s the lowest in calories and fat of jarred sauces. Don’t believe me? Read the labels.  Go on.  I’ll wait.)

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I’ve recently been very honored to join the advisory committee for a new not-for-profit organization, The Lavender Effect.   The mission of The Lavender Effect is “to celebrate our heritage and inspire future generations” and the organization is “committed to creating a state-of-the-art LGBTQ Museum and Cultural Center that will be among the foremost educational and entertainment institutions in Southern California.”  I’m thrilled to be working at the genesis of such an important project.

Since its official announcement on June 1, 2012, I’ve seen and heard various responses to the exisitence the organization, but a common question that keeps coming up is “Why do we need an LGBTQ Museum?”  While The Lavender Effect as an organization has its own answers to this question, I wanted to memorialize my answers here on my site, now, at the beginning of this process, to address this issue from a personal viewpoint.

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Although the redesign has been in the works for a bit, today I finally relaunched the Seymour Deeply website, which includes the full graphic novella/webcomic, a revised trailer,  a team page and a page that details where Seymour Deeply is being showcased around Los Angeles in the next few weeks leading up to USC’s graduation.

First Move is the interactive portion of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts’ First Look festival, a showcase of the past year’s best student work (which includes First Film, First Pitch and First Frame). Read more