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Last fall, during my first semester of grad school, one of my required classes was Tracy Fullerton’s wonderful game design class. One of our projects was to create  a serious game.  Working with the amazing team of Andy Uehara and Josuha McVeigh-Schultz, we came up with a party game called Elephant in the Relationship.EitR (or “Elephant” for short) is a role-playing game where teammates play partners in a relationship (any relationship) who have an unspeakable issue that needs to be addressed.  One team mate is given a very limited vocabulary which he or she uses to try to communicate that issue to the other team mate.  We had such fun developing the game for class that we decided we wanted to expand on the game and take it to the next level.  This summer, aided by the wonderful Casey China, we embarked on the second phase of development of EitR and it’s been great.

Although we’re still in development, we submitted a working prototype of the game to the Meaningful Play Conference’s games competition this week (which was tough because it coincided with my being out of town for Comic-Con).  We won’t know the results of our submission until September, but I will absolutely be keeping this blog updated with our progress.  I will also be expanding my Projects page to include some more information about Elephant.

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