Not that I have been able to maintain a true and complete development blog here on this site as might have wished, but I do hope, now that I’m in my second semester of development on the project, to update the page semi-regularly with news, setback, advancements and perhaps some art and screenshots.

The development team behind Seymour Deeply is amazing and deserve a shout out.  Primary among them is my producer, Konstantin Brazhnik, who has been able to reign in the monster that this project threatened to become.  The there are the amazing developers who have helped  (both this semester and last): Nathan Burba,  Ayesha Mazumdar, Andres Ramirez, Talgat Duisenov, Winters Lu, Ran Zhai, Ryo Chibo, James Chang, Ino Mantaring, and Chao Zhang.  Fellow designers, whose input has been invaluable: Jimmy Gorham and Patrick Meegan.  My artists and animators: Willie Hoffman and Elyse Kelly.  And my sound designer, Matt Soule.

Development has been coming along apace.  We almost have a fully functioning redesign of the first level up and running (all the pieces are in place, the compiling of those pieces still needs to be done). Levels two and three are also coming along nicely.  I’ve found a really wonderful artist, Miss Tak, who will be handling the art for the comic book extension of the project. I hope to have some of the teaser art up here in the next few weeks.

Finally, for now, a preliminary screen shot of the first level, rendered in anaglyph.  The final project will not (I emphasize NOT) be in anaglyph, but for screenshots, it works to denote the stereoscopic nature of the piece.  This image shows some programmer art (new textures will be coming in soon) but this lays out some of the gameplay of level one as the player (as Seymour) receives his heart’s desire and gets to touch the stars.

Preliminary screenshot of level one. Yes, if you look at it with standard Anaglyph glasses, you can see the 3D effect.

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