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Elephant is submitted to Meaningful Play

Last fall, during my first semester of grad school, one of my required classes was Tracy Fullerton’s wonderful game design class. One of our projects was to create  a serious game.  Working with the amazing team of Andy Uehara and Josuha McVeigh-Schultz, we came up with a party game called Elephant in the Relationship.

Blogging from my iPhone

Proving just how much of a late adapter I can be, I’m writing this from my iPhone as I walk to lunch. And yes, that WAS a building column that I almost just walked into.

The obsessive’s compulsion

There are databases on the market for book collecting, record collecting, and even game collecting, but oddly enough, the comic-specific database selection is slight. I have found one that I particularly like and so I’m sharing it here.

And here we go . . .

Yes, I’ve finally set up a  WordPress.com blog because I liked the interface and the flexibility.  Give me time, I’ll be revving up to blog more often on here.